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Looking for a commercial shop in Noida? Why not invest in Paras One29, the Paras commercial project everyone is talking about?

Paras One29 is slowly taking shape on the Noida Expressway. And the area is packed with business opportunities, investors are already flooding in to book their commercial retail/office spaces.

Any commercial investment might seem to be a knotty problem for a new investor. However, Paras One29 is among the most profitable projects in the area that poses a lower risk and high returns.

It is only a matter of time before this 6+ storied wonder ranks among the best commercial in Noida, so this is an exclusive investment opportunity.

Why Invest in Paras Commercial Shops in Noida?

The real estate market in Noida is one of the top growing ones and profitability is never a question in the minds of the investors. But how do you know if commercial spaces are the right kind of investment for you?

Well, the growth in rental values and capital of commercial real estate is on an upwards curve. Studies show that the residential property market has been a stagnant one in the last few years, while the commercial market has grown beyond expectations.

Now, of course, it is not all that simple. Things like infrastructure, location, reliability of the builder, and more can influence one’s decision and the final returns too.

The following factors should explain the “why” of investing in Paras commercial shops in Noida.

High Returns for a Sustained Period

Any Paras commercial project compared to a residential one offers a higher rate of return, and that too for a prolonged period.

No matter how the space is used (retail shops, offices, etc.) you get monthly returns that are much higher than a typical home rent.

Residential properties might be cheaper initially, although, for a project such well-placed and well-planned, Paras One29 must certainly interest ambitious investors.

Steady Increase in Income

Paras One29 aspires to be the best commercial project in Noida. And one of the things that will take it there is the fact that it can be highly lucrative for the investors.

The rent of a commercial property, due to its inherent nature can be incremented at a higher rate. And since the contract is usually for at least 5-10 years, all you need is the right tenant for an income that increases steadily.

And if you don’t know it already, commercial rents are not guided by strict rent laws. And that equates to the highest returns, considering the related factors work in your favor.

No Fear of Vacancy

A residential property owner often has to worry about vacancies as most tenants are on the lookout for better options for the rent they are paying. And while that has been a problem for residences for a long time, commercial properties have no such drawback.

Sure it may take some time for you to get the offer you were expecting. But once in contract with an established brand, the chances of them relocating are almost nil.

The fact that they won’t relocate easily gives you the peace of mind that only the best commercial in Noida can provide.

Low Maintenance

The Paras commercial shops in Noida are going to be fine specimens of modern architecture. So their superiority also lies in the fact that these demand the least maintenance, which makes the investment further profitable in the long run.

Moreover, some maintenance responsibility also lies on the tenant unlike in a residential property. And that is a major financial benefit.

No Scary Tenants

Non-complying tenants are a homeowner’s biggest nightmare. But the chances of that in a commercial project Noida is next to none, as the space is extremely important for the tenant.

And when you lease the property to a renowned brand or company, the least they would want is to scar their reputation by defaulting payments and such.

So rather than a month or two late, you might as well expect rents in advance.

Therefore, when you sign up for a commercial space in Paras One29, scary tenants are not included in the list.

Huge Benefits Await Investors of the Paras Commercial Project

Paras One29 comes from the Paras Group, a reliable name in the real estate market that has already perfected distinguishable projects in the various parts of Delhi and NCR.

However, an important reason for that is the emphasis we put on our relationship with the investors. We offer loan facilities, assured monthly rental till possession, and a host of other benefits.

Ready to be a part of our latest commercial project Noida? Feel free to reach out.

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