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Paras One29 - The Best Noida Property To Invest In 2022

The real estate business is packed with opportunities for conscious investors who realize the potential of a project early on. If you’re here, consider yourself among them as Paras One29 could very well be the game-changer in your investment portfolio.

Now you might be wondering – is this the best Noida property? Well, certainly not in its current state. However, this is one of the most ambitious projects Paras Buildtech has ever undertaken, and it is only a matter of time before it takes its amazing final form. 

About Paras Buildtech

Paras Buildtech is an important organ of the Paras Group, a major business entity that has interests in other fields as well like dairy, healthcare and education. Paras Buildtech believes in sustainable development for a better tomorrow, and to that end, we work tirelessly.

Since it entered the field, Paras Buildtech through the best Paras property in different parts of the Delhi NCR region has reformed the existing ideas people had about real estate. In the last 10 years, we have delivered 9 projects, that include both commercial and residential establishments.

Not to mention, these are some of the most alluring buildings in their respective regions, packed with modern features, durability, and safety. And we take pride in the fact that luxury is considered our middle name, and our projects speak for themselves.

Paras One29 is also built with luxury in mind, which is why everything about this project is associated with a sense of grandeur. And how does that benefit investors?

Well to begin with a commercial project of this scale, profitability-wise is among the best Noida property one may invest in. The prospect of commercial development in Noida is still huge and this endeavour of ours promises long-term, sustained profits to those interested.

Why Should You Invest in Paras One29?

Given our plans and the progress so far, Paras One29 could very well be the best Paras property not just in the area, but in the whole of Noida. And naturally, it has got a massive potential that investors can utilize to make high profits.

So if you’re an investor that just cannot find the right enough property to put your money on, you are just a decision away from making the best investment of your life.

Varied Investment Options

Paras One29 offers different investment options. The entire layout makes room for all the important businesses such as the various retailers, fitness and wellness, food and beverage brands, studios, and so on.

Depending on your niche and investment capacity, you can invest in any of the floors or office spaces of the best Noida property.

Location and Infrastructure That Works In Your Favour

One of the major strengths of Paras One29 that has already ranked it among the best Paras property is its prime location. Not only is it easily accessible from major parts of Delhi and Noida, but the area it is situated in is also one that experiences heavy footfall.

Moreover, it is backed by a capable infrastructure that alongside making it a place of ample business activities, also creates an environment where people can casually hang out.

The superior architectural elements are visible everywhere from the parking spaces to the highest floors, and that is what makes it truly marvelous.  

Impeccable Track Record Of The Builder

Any builder can claim that they have built the best Noida property, but do they have a track record to support it? Chances are they don’t.

Any commercial investment is significant and much larger than a residential one. The good thing is with Paras One29 and Paras Buildtech behind it, you know that any investment you make is going to be fruitful.

And since our words shouldn’t be enough, we would rather let our track record speak on our behalf. 

Financial Benefits

When you invest in the best Paras property, you are signing up for a host of financial benefits. These include loan facilities, lower down payment plans, assured rental or an upfront discount based on square footage, and so on.

So not only are you investing in the right place, this is one of the few situations where returns are assured from the moment you complete the booking.

Paras One29 Is Growing Each Day – Be A Part of The Journey

Through long-standing experience and superior management, Paras One29 is taking small but significant steps every day. To become the best Noida property it was envisioned to be, Paras One29 needs investors who can realize its potential.

If you have faith in Paras real estate and want to be a part of Paras One29’s success story, then this is the right investment opportunity for you. Get in touch with us to know more.

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